Newsletter for the week ending 12th March 2021
12 March 2021

It’s great to wlecome all the children back, finally, and they have settled so well. Thank you for preparing them so well. Lots has been happening this week, so pleas eread on to find out what has been happening in and around the classes.

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Comic Relief is next Friday (19th) and for a small donation children can wear red on the day.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend

From Jeremy Cooper and all the children and staff.


This week in Turtles & Dolphins we have been talking about the meaning of the word ‘special’. we have talked about who is special to us, which places are special to us and any toy or object that is special to us. We have been busy making Mothers Day presents and cards.

How amazing it has been to welcome all the Sealions back into school this week. We have started a host of new topics over the course of the week. In maths, we have been learning about measuring length and height. The children have generated a list of measuring rules and have used equipment around the classroom to measure all sorts of items including dragons! In our writing learning, we have started looking at the book Tell Me A Dragon. The children have really engaged with the subject matter and have come up with some really creative ideas. In science, we have started looking at different materials and using words to describe these. In history, we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. The children have thought of a list of questions to answer throughout our topic. 

It has been great to have all the Lundy Puffins back together in the classroom! This week in English, they have written a class biography about the author, Julia Donaldson. They used the Chromebooks on Thursday to research their own well-known person in preparation for writing their own biographies next week. There was a really interesting range of people and I can’t wait to read them! If they would like to carry on with their research over the weekend, they can continue to add the information to their Jamboard. Maths this week has been about division. In the Art studio they have continued to work with clay and have shown some great skills. Please can all children have their trainers in school for PE?

Seahunter have had a great start to being back in school together. They were very excited to see each other again on Monday and it was lovely to see and hear all the things they had been doing and making at home. This week, we have started working on our new English topic based on the book Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World’ by Kate Pankhurst. We watched a video about Rosa Parks and the children had a go at retelling her life story. They also had a great class discussion about discrimination and showing respect for everyone. In our topic work, we looked at a photo of Marie Curie from which then children made observations and thought about what they thought they knew and what they’d like to know. Their ideas will now help use to explore the life and achievements of Marie, which we will write about in our English work. We have also found out about the history of Mother’s Day and enjoyed some running and Go Noodles to keep fit. It’s been a busy first week back together! 

Year 4 have relished in returning fully to the classroom this week! It has been brilliant to see all of the children return with happy faces and a good learning attitude. Miss Grigg has been teaching English this week, and the children have engaged well using ‘Where’s Wally?’ as their writing stimulus, when writing fronted adverbials and prepositional phrases. In Maths, we have been learning how to recognise tenths as decimals, on a place value grid and on a number line. The class learnt how to add tables, highlight text and align their writing on Slides, during their computing session with Miss Grigg. They have also carried out some Topic work looking at creating a ‘balanced meal’. In P.E, the children carried out their personal best challenge, alternative hand throw.

It’s been lovely to welcome Year 5 back this week and what a busy week it’s been. They have almost completed their unit on fractions – finding fractions of amounts and quantities as well as problem solving. In Literacy, they have begun looking at autobiographies and biographies as a style of writing. They have been selecting vocabulary and phrases as well as finding out about women from the text ‘Women in Science’. In Science, they have continued with space and finding out about key words such as universe and galaxy and how scientists believe this all began. In art, designs for a screaming mandrake are being put into action and in photography they have looked at mixed media – this will be part of a homework task over the next 2 weeks depending on which art group they are in . They have demonstrated their skills in vector drawing for a final time before they move on to Quizzes in computing. They are also starting each day with handwriting, in order to create neatly presented pieces of work with joined handwriting. Please encourage children to join their writing when writing at home and to keep us skills with TTRS and spellings (keep going over the year 3/4 words and 5/6 words and patterns on

In maths we have been doing algebra. We have learnt that when you do algebra a number is represented as a letter and how many times this is represented you put that number in front of the letter. Eg: a=9 3a=27. We did an assessment on Wednesday on ratio and started learning more on Thursday.

In English we have been writing descriptive writing on dragons. We need to use similes, metaphors and onomatopoeias. We watched a clip on the dragonslayer and had to describe him in detail along with the dragon. Yr6 also had to write about how he changed and what changed him. In art half of the class have been making modroc moth/butterfly, This week we got to paint them and had to make sure they looked really detailed.  We also look at the artist Romero Britto to create some colourful pictures. In science this week we have been learning about different scientists. Stephen Hawking and Marie Curie. We learnt about their life and about what subject in science they did.We have been learning some more Spanish. So far we have learnt how to say how old we are, when our birthday is and the months and numbers.  Also what country we come from. In reading we have started to do some past SATs reading papers. We have to read the text as a group and we can answer it together or on our own.  We are looking at how to improve our skills. We have been looking at ways to improve our fitness and started doing Joe Wicks workouts.  We are also taking part in the cricket skills challenge and currently second on the leader board. By Emilie and Amy



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