Newsletter for the week ending 11th November
11 November 2016

Please read on to find out what has happened and what will be happening in an around school…

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Christmas Fair Date is Thursday 8th December at 3pm. Please view the calendar on our website to see the dates of all christmas performances.

Art News
We celebrated achieving Gold for our ArtsMark award this week and a big thank you for your support by sending the children to school dressed in various shades of gold. The local press was here, so keep an eye out for some of the outfits!
Around the Classes

Athletics Report
A team of 12 Y5/6 went to an athletics completion at Bideford College on Wednesday. The team came 5th overall (girls 2nd and boys 7th). We took part in javelin, ball push, high jump, long jump, relays, speed bouncing and standing triple jump. There was excellent team spirit and encouragement. It was an enjoyable event.
Report: Archie

Around the Classes

We have had a great week looking at the moon. We have changed our role play areas into a space station and a rocket and watched a video clip of astronauts travelling to the moon and exploring it. We have listened to space music and enjoyed moving like astronauts. We have been to the moon with Little Bear after reading the story Whatever Next! and taking on the roles of the characters in the story. We have started making our Christmas decorations during our GOLD day on Thursday, so watch this space!

In Sea Lions this week we have started out new topic, learning about Toys. We have written a story about what we think our toys get up to while we are at school. We have also started to look at our new writing inspiration – Traction Man. We have continued our work with shape. We have completed a shape investigation and discussed the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We have also made a word bank of positional and directional language and used this vocabulary to give our friends directions. Gold Day was great fun, we learnt how to papier-mâché, but have a few more layers to go before our art work will be ready to be painted gold. We have also continued to learn our songs for the Nativity. Everyone has been given their part and letters have been sent home with requests for costumes.

Lundy Puffins have this week practised their skills of addition and subtraction. They used money to help them do this. In English, they have continued to look at the story of ‘Augustus and his smile’ and have started to write a class version of the story. Next week, they will be writing their own versions of the story. In ICT, they have used the Beebots to plan a route and practised giving instructions, making sure they were correct. The Gold Day was a success and some children were able to use their Art skills to make some gold doves. Those that didn’t get a chance to do this, will be able to next week. 
Your child should have come home with a letter about the Christmas play and their words. We would be really grateful if you could help them practise their lines.

Seahunter have enjoyed English and Maths with Miss Goodman this week. They have continued to work on Paddington stories, developing their ability to use speech marks and in maths have developed multiplication skills involving monsters! On Thursday, they all looked fabulous dressed in gold to celebrate the arts mark award and produced some beautiful work. As it is Remembrance Day and we are exploring this as part of our topic work, the children made poppies from felt, using golden thread to see them together. They were able to wear them for the 2 minutes silence today and produce some art based on the poppy fields to display them. Some of their work will soon be on display in the corridor art gallery so look out for them.

This week, Year 4 have started thinking about non-fiction writing so that they can write their own page for an aspect of Ancient Greece. In maths, they have learnt about ‘The Grid Method’ for multiplication. As well as this, yesterday, on Gold Day, each child had a plaster cast of their foot made which they will use as a base for their winged shoes. Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Halloway spent the day covering the floor and themselves in plaster, but managed to complete 30 feet, which are now drying out, ready for decoration!

Year 5 have enjoyed Gold day this week, making craft items for the Christmas Fayre and our hoop for the corridor. The first group have taken part in bikeability, which they have enjoyed – the next group starts next week. 3 chldren from the class represented the school in athletics and performed brilliantly and their behaviour was exceptional – overall the whole group came 5th. Maths has involved problem solving and working with partners, which has been great fun. Literacy is still Drummer Boy – this week we found out why that is the title of the book (it wasn’t quite what we expected). Spelling has been about Homophones (words that sound the same but have different meanings). We were amazed at how many we found – our challenge is to now use the words correctly. We enjoyed year 6s assembly about remembrance and took part in the 2 minutes silence.

This week, Year six have completed variety of tasks including: Maths, literacy, topic and science. In maths we worked on our new topic, algebra; we were allowed to choose which sheet of work we did each day for example: Child Number Cards. In literacy we continued to write about Macbeth, a Scottish play written by Shakespeare. In science we finished of the Evolution and Inheritance block. Finally, in topic we continued on our Year six project, our scrap book Auto Biography’s.

By Class Reporters, William And Laurenc

Have a great weekend 
Best wishes,
Jeremy Cooper and all of the staff

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