Newsletter for the week ending 11th December
7 December 2020

Hollywood comes to school this week with the recording of our Foundation Stage nativity and our Key Stage 1 Christmas celebration. Sorry we couldn’t have live audiences due to current circumstances, so to get us all in the Christmas spirit here’s a poem written by one of our Year 6 pupils.

The date was Christmas Eve, 
At 12 o’clock at night, 
Something landed on the roof, 
Giving all the birds a fright. 
It was Father Christmas, 
Only he landed in this place, 
He climbed out very clumsily, 
And put a mask upon his face. 
He splodged on hand sanitizer, 
And rubbed it in quite well, 
It made his hands germ-free 
And he also liked the smell. 
Santa squeezed down the chimney, 
Then spotted a mince pie, 
It tasted very nice, 
Though it was a little dry. 
He put out lots of presents, 
Underneath the Christmas tree, 
He sprayed the wrapping paper, 
With spray he got for free, 
He climbed back up the chimney, 
And went into his sleigh, 
He flew off through the sky, 
As the sun rose for Christmas day.
Have a wonderful weekend 
From Jeremy Cooper and all the children and staff

This week has been all things Christmas in Dolphins and Turtles! We enjoyed putting on our costumes and performing the Christmas Play. The video link should be with you early next week. We have started to make our Christmas cards, calendars and decorations. We enjoyed making crowns on Wednesday to wear four our Christmas lunch. This morning we went to The Jungle to decorate the trees for the creatures that live in The Jungle

As the penultimate week of the term draws to a close for year 1 and all the school, I have been reminded of what a busy term this has been. I have been really impressed by the children’s kindness and respect towards one another this week. On a number of occasions, I have noticed children lending a helping hand to their friends, picking someone up who has fallen over and being supportive when needed. The Year 1 children have utterly embraced the Christmas spirit and I am super proud of them all. Speaking of Christmas. This week we have finished filming our very special Christmas performance. The children cannot wait to see the finished video and we look forward to welcoming you to join us next week via Zoom

Lundy Puffins have been busy finishing their stories based on the book ‘Augustus and his smile’ and have now started their new sequence of work in English. They watched a John Lewis Christmas advert ‘Man on the moon’ and thought about what questions they would want to ask the main characters. In Maths, they have been subtracting 2-digit numbers. Everyone has worked hard to perform and record a Christmas play with a difference and they can’t wait to share it with you all. 

Seahunter have enjoyed a festive week this week. Wednesday was a very enjoyable Christmas dinner day. The children were cheerful, polite and respectful sharing Christmas lunch, listening to Christmas music and wearing their fabulous jumpers and decorations! In their English work they have been working on Mog’s Christmas Calamity based on the Sainsbury’s advertising film created a few years ago. They have practised using time connectives to write about the events and planned their own versions of the story, which they are making into mini festive books. In Maths, they have been working on subtraction, exploring how to count back to the previous ten and beyond to subtract 1 digit numbers from 3 digit numbers. They have also continued to work hard on improving their times tables knowledge. We can’t believe it’s the final week of term next week but the children have worked really hard and done so well. They certainly are ready for and deserve a relaxing break!

Year 4 have carried out some end of term tests for Reading and Maths this week. In English, the class have planned, written and begun to edit their versions of ‘Winter’s Child’ thinking about the skills they have learnt this half term. We have been continuing to practise our shuttle runs in P.E where the class have seen improvements in their personal best score. In Science, we have learnt about the layers of teeth and tooth decay. We have set up an investigation to monitor over the next week. For Philosophy, we watched the clip ‘For the Birds’ and discussed ‘Do two wrongs make a right?’. 

Y5 have had another busy week. In Maths, they have been dividing by 10,100 and 1000 and relating this to finding one tenth, one hundredth and one thousandth of a number. In Literacy, they have published their Beowulf stories and created a pop-up monster. In Science, they have been finding out about old age and also re-visited materials work as part of our Outdoor Learning Session. They all had to be a part of a tree and create a tree orchestra to show the jobs that different parts do. I wonder whether they can remember the jobs related to these parts (heartwood, sapwood, growth ring, cambium, phloem, bark, roots)? In art, they continued printing sunsets using stencils that they have created. The class has been working really hard on being quieter – please talk to your child about the importance of being quiet, listening and ready to learn.

Year six newsletter. This week in English we’ve been rewriting the story of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens in our own words. Every day we listen to a chapter of the story while taking notes. Afterwards we wrote it out in our English books. This week in maths we have been doing fractions and we also did our end of term assessments. We have continued thinking about the Battle of Britain in topic and answering the question ‘What was the secret in winning the battle?’  We are hoping to show we have good evaluator skills. Some of the class went out to film a Christmas play for the church to broadcast to the members of the church on Christmas Eve. In art we printed the blitz design we made the week before.  They are looking amazing. In outdoor learning we got to plant raspberry bushes, weave sticks to make an area for plants and decide which foods we would have rationed. Reporters: Ellie-May and Ava

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