House Poetry Competition
9 November 2015

The judging panel has read all of the poems and the results are in…

…each class nominated their poem for each house, leaving the judges to find a first,second, third and fourth.  First place received 20 house points, second 15, thrid 10 and fourth 5. The standard was very high, making it a very difficult job for the judges to decide, and the results are:

  1. Pacific with 105 points
  2. Arctic with 75 points
  3. Atlantic with 65 points
  4. Indian with 55 points

We hope you enjoy some of the extracts from some of the poems…

Dark Ocean Quest

Fat as a puffer fish,

Inky as a squid,

Stingy as a jellyfish,

Gorgeous as a mermaid.

How many sea creatures can you see?

How to be a…princess

You will need a tiara,

A silver one,

As silver as the moon,

With diamond.

Failing that get a head band.


As I start skipping I slip.

The sharp stones graze my forearm and tears moisten my muddy face,

But I still smile as my vision swims.

Autumn may be just a season to you, but to me it has incredible powers.

So be grateful

For Autumn.

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