Forest School Blog for week ending 9th June 2017
12 June 2017

Forest school club 7th and 8th June

The latest sessions offered the opportunity to create a woodland Boggit (stick person with a clay/mud head) and the children responded by being really creative and using leaves, flowers and other items to create facial features, hair and clothes. Some children then made a Boggit house and constructed furniture. The older children have been improving their den building skills, and are now interested in building a child-sized house in the village area, at the top of the woodland site. We will be looking at how buildings have been constructed in the past to help us to decide how we might do this. Plans for the Kids’ Kingdom are also coming along, and the children have been asked to produce some drawings, to help us to understand their design ideas.

Wings (a local charity that gives youths who are not currently in employment, education or training the opportunity to learn a new skill and gain self-esteem) has kindly offered the services of their woodworking team, to build us some sturdy work-benches for our forest woodworking area. Our groups can then use this open-air workspace to create their own bird boxes and insect homes for the site.

We will also be sharing some basic leatherworking skills with the children, so please don’t throw away any old leather jackets or leather furniture covers – we can make useful collecting pouches and tool bags from these!

Things we need for the forest (please).

Scrap leather

We also still need unwanted rope, cord, string, wool etc. (for den building, knot tying practice and crafts).

If you have any queries or would like to:

• enrol your child in a session

• help to build new resources

• donate materials

• share a traditional skill or craft with the group

please call Jayne on 07984655688 Or email


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