Forest School Blog for week ending 6th October 2017
9 October 2017

Forest club 4th and 5th October]

Please read on to find out about conker painting, the enew shelter, planting and future cooking…

In the latest forest school sessions, we have been experimenting with conker painting, by lining a seed tray with paper and rolling conkers through small blobs of paint to create a beautiful marbled effect on the paper. Some of the children also produced larger paintings, with many making their own paintbrushes from sticks topped with leaves and other natural materials.

The children have been helping to remove nettles and are planting the remaining young trees to begin to create what will eventually become a laid hedge around the Kid’s Kingdom. We talked about the value of planting something that future members of the school will benefit from, and thinking beyond our own needs. As the leaves fall from the trees, and are being left where they fall, a valuable new habitat for minibeasts is forming. We will soon also see woodland plants emerging, supported by the protection and nourishment of the leaf litter.

The plan for the new shelter has been decided, with one of the oak trees forming the centre post of a round structure that will blend into the woodland environment.

The next sessions are cooking sessions, a week earlier than usual. The group will be drinking warm chocolate, cooking on the fire and discussing plans for winter activities in the woods.

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