Forest School Blog for week ending 19th May 2017
22 May 2017

Forest school club 17th 18th May

In these session the groups have been talking about what should be added, improved or changed in the ‘jungle’, including turning the bottom right-hand area (currently just a pile of earth and branches) it into a ‘kids’ kingdom’ by making the most of the slopes and different heights there, to create a mud slide and some scrambling areas, and also planting some willow to create places to hide. As forest school is very much about problem solving and taking responsibility, the children will be hands-on in designing the space, solving any safety or building issues, presenting the design to the headmaster and, if it is approved, helping to build it.

Some of the children have made willow stars this week. Other activities have included planting the remaining flower bed and containers, decorating the story chair with paint/clay handprints and making leaf butterflies and stick people. The children have also been painting and writing in their forest books and making improvements to dens.

With the generous help of some parents, we soon hope to be extending the jungle shed, by connecting a roofed, open-sided area to it. This will provide a space for a wider range of outdoor crafts, no matter what the British weather throws at us. A parent has also kindly offered to build us some child and adult height saw horses, which will hold wood securely, and at the correct height, when using saws. These will be ideal for the tool use area.

We are going to start contacting local businesses for donations of building materials, den thatching materials, ceramic tiles, plants etc. If you know of any business owners or managers who might look kindly upon our request, please do let us know.

Things we need for the forest (please).

Tomato plants

Pea or bean plants (any type).

If you have any queries or would like to:

* enrol your child in a session

* help to build new resources

* share a traditional skill or craft with the group

please call Jayne on 07984655688 Or email


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