Forest School Blog for 8th & 9th November
13 November 2017

Forest club 8th and 9th November

We are now settled into our winter quarters at the top of the jungle. During the latest sessions the children gathered around the fire to begin crafting the first of 5 Christmas decorations, which they will take home at the end of term. The decorations are designed to represent the five senses and for this session the focus was on the sense of smell. The children worked with cloves, clay and bay leaves and, with the area warmed by the fire and coloured lights hanging in the trees, our new base soon became an inviting and aromatic new space to enjoy.

We will be working over the next week to install further lighting, so that the sessions can continue as the nights draw in. With time to play in the daylight, followed by an opportunity to come together around the fire circle and concentrate on crafts, storytelling and cooking as dusk falls, these winter sessions will offer an opportunity to enjoy the outdoor space in new ways. Within a safe, supported and familiar environment, the children will experience a unique sense of close companionship as they share stories and activities around the fire, will gain confidence in being outdoors in darkness and will take responsibility for their own wellbeing by learning how to stay warm, safe and dry in the winter.

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